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Reserving extended time in a safe space for resting in the completeness of things just as they areSpecializing in day and weekend home retreats




What Is Left To Do Or Think About When We Don't Put Ourselves On A Path?

When we allow ourselves to Be without engaging in any progress or projects, we let go of compelled activity – and we also let go of compelled stillness or rigid silent meditation. Speaking and silence come and go, and we aren’t on our way anywhere. When we notice ourselves on a path again, we can gently undo it, leaving us simply Here.I am offering a space for welcoming and allowing what the moment brings.


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About SWTE Retreats

"When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything.”
– Ajahn Chah

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Exploring Uncontrived Being

For those who are attracted to the simplicity and openness of this approach to contemplative practice, you may wish to try setting aside time for a SWTE retreatThese retreats can be done with G (usually virtually), or G can help you structure your home retreat and be available for gentle coaching and supervision during your retreatBenefits of doing a daylong or weekend retreat include settling further into a place of letting go and OK-ness, facing the disturbances that keep us from deep peace, and allowing the safety and openness of our space to help us process our experiences and feelingsRetreats are intended to be conducted in the spirit of generosity, self-care, and gentle exploration and can be tailored to suit a variety of spiritual/religious or secular approaches to contemplation

Next Virtual Retreat Guided by G is
Friday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24

You can learn about G, the owner of SWTE, HERE*

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September Sitting With The Earth Retreat

The dates of the upcoming retreat are
Friday, September 22 to Sunday, September 24
This will be a small, virtual retreat of being in completeness together. Nowhere to go, nothing that we need to accomplish or think about. Just resting in the completeness of things as they areThe plan is to conduct the retreat over an audio conference call, but please let me know if you have an interest in an audiovisual retreatOur time together will be arranged around a number of 30-45 minute periods of relaxing into the fulfillment that is always already here. There is no preference for speaking or silence, and no preference for formally meditating or notIn our time together, we will be gaining familiarity with and trust for the state where nothing needs to change and where we are in touch with the reality of not knowing what the next moment will bringYou may sign up for one day of the retreat, or for the whole weekend
The price is on a sliding scale:
$120-$150 for the whole weekend$60-$80 for just Saturday or SundayIf you decide to join, I will need your payment by Friday, September 15th at 5pm Eastern Time (U.S.)Space is limitedYou may call or email to let me know that you are interested, and I will then either send you a link for payment, or offer you a place on the waitlist.
It will be easier for me to be sure your call reaches me if you text me before the first time you call
G Pflantzbaum
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